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Bathroom remodel - before the after

I cannot believe I have sat on this makeover for as long as I have. I finished remodeling my bathroom back in July, but it has been so busy I have not had the chance to take great pictures of it and share with ya'll. They say a bathroom and a kitchen are what sells a house. I tend to disagree - I would prefer to redo it myself and make it exactly what I want. My bathroom was not in terrible shape, but it had some issues. 

The black and white vintage tile is very pretty, but it was chipped in several places. The townhouse was built in 1940, so there is alsonot much storage in there. There is a tiny closet and a tiny vanity, but that's all she wrote. It is NOT enough room for four people and all their crap. Especially when Mr. Muscles has a lot of beard maintenance stuff and my teenage boy is accumulating a lot of hygiene stuff (FINALLY!). Did I mention I have a 9 year old daughter who will soon accumulate a lot of beauty and hair stuff? I'm sure you can see my problem. 

I d…

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